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About Majorie

I have been cherishing this project for several years of launching a business in Event Planning. I have always been passionate about organizing Corporate or Social Events. I have multiple past experiences in planning or helping organizing events for others, companies, friends or for myself.

Now living in a place i call Paradise (South Florida) for more than 7 years and being at this point in my life and career where i can do it, i have decided to take this timing to jump and launch Event in Paradise. Paradise is a magical place where stress doesnt exist and where the possibilities to explore are endless and infinite. That is exactly what i want the customers of EIP to experiment. Making your dream event come true without stressing about the details. Basically, to create and personnalize each of your memorable event from South Florida to Australia.


And dont worry, being an accountant with great negociation skills, Im used to deal with budgets and maximizing benefits, which is another fun part that EIP customers wont have to worry about.


Having to hire and deal with a few event planners myself in the past, i know and can confirm that finding and trusting someone competent and professional is far from being an easy task. Well, you just found one! One who is bilingual (French/English) and will take the time to define and understand your needs and prioritize its customers at all times.


So long life to EIP and to the pleasure to work together.


Majorie LaFlamme


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